Martial Arts Programs Available in Melbourne

Beginner TaeKwonDo Class

From ages 5 and up. We take pride in offering a friendly, convenient, and family oriented atmosphere in which to train, learn, and experience Tae Kwon-Do. Many students and parents have told us that TKD has made a huge impact in their confidence. This class is for White and Yellow Belts.

Advanced TaeKwonDo Class

TaeKwonDo teaches students how to defend themselves if they should ever need to. Feeling safe and less vulnerable is another step toward being confident. This class is for Green Belts to Black Belts

Adult TaeKwonDo Class

TaeKwonDo classes are wonderful for working and strengthening a wide range of muscles. Many participants have experienced weight loss as well as improved flexibility and muscle strength. TaeKwon-Do along with a healthy diet and life style will promote a stronger and leaner you!


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